RV Summer Desert Recipe: Cherry Fluff

9/18/2017 - by Lacey Dara Pattie

This is one of our family's favorite summer treats, and it's easy to make in an RV! Try it out and let us know what you think.

Cherry Fluff Recipe

Makes roughly 12 servings

What you'll need:
• large bowl
• wooden spoon
• can opener

• 9 oz Cool Whip
• 1 can sweetened condensed milk
• 1 can crushed pineapple
• 1 can cherry pie filling
• 1 cup mini marshmallows
• 1 cup pecans
• 1/2 cup coconut

1. Drain the crushed pineapple.
2. Mix the cool whip, condensed milk, pineapple, and cherry pie filling together in the bowl.
3. Add in the marshmallows, pecans, and coconuts and stir.
4. Refrigerate 1 hour and serve.

For a cool treat, try it frozen!

Traveling with Dogs in an RV

8/28/2017 - by Lacey Dara Pattie

Dogs are man's best friend, so why would you leave yours at home? With these tips and tricks, you'll never have to leave your pup at home again. Bring them along on your next RV road trip!

1. Be prepared. Accidents happen -- make sure to have bags to pick up after your dog, as well as cleaning supplies and extra bedding...just in case.

2. Pack right, not light. Make sure to have plenty of food and water for your pup, as well as a food bowl, water bowl, medication, crate, bed, blanket, leash, toys, and anything else you'll need to have a blast on the road with your dog.

3. Stay cool. Going to a humans-only restaurant? Make sure your dog is safe and comfortable in the RV by keeping the AC running, fans on, and windows cracked. An overheated trailer and sick pup is the last thing you want on your trip.

4. Get out! Get some quality time in with your dog by taking them for a walk or spending an hour or two at a dog park. Your dog will thank you after being cramped in a small space when on the road, and will appreciate the fresh air and open skies for miles.

5. Say cheese! You'll need a camera to capture all the memories you're making with your dog on your trip of a lifetime!

Next time you hit the road, bring your dog along. Not only will you save money that you would have spent on a kennel or dog sitter, but having your dog with you will give you piece of mind as well as a great outing and happy memories for both you and your pup.

Camping Friendly Recipes: Campfire Banana Foilpacks

8/15/2017 - by Lacey Dara Pattie

As a family owned business, we value time spent together, and some of our favorite memories come from in (and out of) the kitchen. This recipe is one of our family's favorites -- especially when camping! We're sure that once you try this ooey gooey chocolate-y recipe, your family will go bananas for banana foilpacks! It's sure to become a new family camping tradition. With only 2 ingredients, it's quick and easy to make AND to clean up since the foil doubles as a plate.

Yields 1 campfire banana foil pack (1 serving)

What you need:
• foil
• knife
• campfire or grill
• fork
• banana
• two fun sized chocolate candy bars (our favorite is snickers)

1. Cut the banana open with the knife
2. Stuff the candy bars inside the banana
3. Wrap the banana (still in the peel) in foil
4. Put the foilpack on the grill or campfire and let cook 10-15 minutes or until the chocolate is melted
5. Once the banana is soft and the chocolate is melted, it's done! (If the peel starts to turn black, it's normal)
6. Enjoy your campfire banana foilpack!

RV Beach Camping Packing List

7/30/2017 - by Lacey Dara Pattie

Take the hassle out of packing for a family camping trip to the beach and use Funmotors' pre-made packing list! Use it as a starting point and adjust as needed to make your own list that suits your family's needs.

• swimsuits
• pajamas
• bath robe
• flip flops
• shoes
• socks
• underwear
• bras
• jeans
• shorts
• skirt
• dress
• blouses
• tee shirts
• tank tops
• Light jacket or sweatshirt
• Belt

• feminine products
• makeup remover
• cotton balls
• deodorant
• perfume or cologne
• lotion
• face wash
• moisturizer
• shaving cream
• razor
• soap
• shampoo
• conditioner
• baby wipes
• toothbrushes
• toothpaste
• floss
• hair brush
• cosmetics
• hair products
• Lip balm
• Hair ties
• Bobby pins
• Mouth wash
• Headbands
• Comb

• laptop
• laptop charger
• laptop bag
• tablet
• tablet charger
• phone charger
• camera
• earbuds or headphones

Bedding: • sheets
• comforters
• blankets
• pillows
• pillowcases
• air mattress

• pots
• pans
• cutting board
• knives
• toaster
• measuring cups
• plates
• bowls
• cups
• sealable containers
• dish soap
• dish cloth or sponge
• paper plates
• utensils
• plastic utensils
• foil
• cling wrap
• grill
• firewood
• charcoal
• lighter

• bath towels
• hand towels
• bath mat
• wash cloths
• toilet paper
• cleaning supplies
• bathroom chemicals
• hair dryer and heat tools
• hand soap
• laundry hamper

Beach necessities:
• beach towels
• beach chairs
• umbrella
• sunscreen
• aloe vera
• flip flops
• sunglasses
• swimsuits
• tote bag
• sand toys
• buckets
• shovels
• cooler
• snacks
• bottled water
• soda
• plastic bags
• reusable containers
• utensils
• napkins
• change (for ice cream trucks and other fun snacks)

• cards
• board games
• books
• magazines
• toys
• stuffed animals
• snacks
• DVD player
• DVDs
• blanket

• dog food
• leash
• bone
• dog toys
• food bowl
• water bowl
• brush
• bed
• towel

• iron
• wallet
• purse
• keys
• laundry basket
• laundry detergent
• trash bags
• lint roll
• tissues
• sunglasses/glasses cleaner
• glasses or contacts
• medication
• Band aids
• Umbrella
• Rain poncho
• Fishing gear
• Notebook
• Loose paper
• Pencils
• Pens
• Sticky notes

RV Guide to 2017 Solar Eclipse

7/19/2017 - by Lacey Dara Pattie

Cancel your plans for August 21, 2017 because there will be a total solar eclipse viewable from Oregon to South Carolina. The last total solar eclipse viewable in the US was in 1979, so you don't want to miss this!

Considering this event doesn't happen every day, and will be viewable in totality only from certain towns, hotels are selling out quickly, and as demand increases, prices are rising, which makes the 2017 total solar eclipse a great time for a family road trip! This is an activity that everyone in your family can enjoy, (and, since you're in an RV) pets included!

If you're looking to make lasting memories during a historical event such as this one, we've compiled a list of RV friendly places to view the 2017 total solar eclipse. Don't forget your eclipse glasses, which you can purchase HERE for around $17.

1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Located on the state borderline of North Carolina and Tennessee, this national park is RV friendly and has several RV campgrounds including the Elkmont Campground in Elkmont, TN and the Smokemont Campground in Cherokee, NC.

2. Grand Teton National Park In Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park, you can catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse at one its many RV campgrounds including the Colter Bay RV Park and the Headwaters Campgrounds & RV Sites.

3. Madras, Oregon Roughly a two hour drive from Portland, this town will have a great view of the eclipse. Try snagging a space at Trails West RV Park or Lake Simtustus Resort for a small town feel, or if prefer to stay close to the city and you're up to the drive, stay at Jantzen Beach RV Park or Columbia River RV Park.

Must-Try Texas Cafes

7/6/2017 - by Lacey Dara Pattie

Here at Funmotors, customers travel from all over the country to purchase our RVs; some are just a block away, and others drive miles, but whether you're from Texas or just visiting, you won't regret stopping to grab a bite at these 4 cafes.

1. Magnolia Cafe in Austin, TX
With two locations in the live music capital of the world, Magnolia Cafe serves up all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner 24/7. Whether you're craving tacos, chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes, macaroni and cheese, or a cheeseburger, Magnolia Cafe is bound to have just the dish to satisfy your hunger.

2. Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, TX
If you're a fan of pie, Blue Bonnet Cafe is the place for you. With all day breakfast and pie happy hour on weekdays from 3 to 5pm, you can't help but join the 80 year tradition that is Blue Bonnet Cafe and dig into one of their famous pies, which come in 11 flavors including classics like apple, cherry, pecan, and lemon meringue, fun flavors like banana, peanut butter, and coconut, 3 different chocolatey flavors, and a sugar free apple. You can stop for lunch and pick up a pie to go and Blue Bonnet Cafe tee shirt on your way out.

3. Blake's Cafe in McQueeney, TX
Blake's Cafe is a small town eatery with lots of personality and history. Can't decide on an appetizer? Order the "Can't Make Up My Mind Combo" with four appetizers for only $7.99! Whether you order the Caesar salad, fried shrimp, macaroni and cheese, or chicken strips, you can't go wrong at Blake's -- everything is delicious! Don't forget to try the chocolate caramel pie before you get back on the road.

4. Courtyard Cafe in San Antonio, TX
Courtyard Cafe is in Funmotors' very hometown, and it's a local favorite. Drop by for breakfast, or come in for lunch. Try the limeade with the chicken parmesan sandwich or salmon fettuccine, and the St Louie Gooey Cake for dessert! Whatever you're hungry for, Courtyard Cafe won't disappoint.

Tips on Traveling in your RV with your Pet

6/6/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

One of the many advantages of having an RV is being able to take your furry companion with you on the road. Here are some pointers to help make the trip a success. If your pet already enjoys riding along in the car with you then there's a good chance he will love traveling in an RV. Before going a long trip you can try a practice run close to home to see how he responds and find out if there are any issues.

Make your pet comfortable for the ride and keep them secured while moving. They need to buckle up too for safety. Use a seat belt harness or use a pet carrier that is secured with a seal belt.

Keep their meal lite before the trip and keep them well hydrated. This will require a few potty breaks, but it gives the pet and you a chance to stretch your legs. Be sure to clean up after your pet.

For packing bring along the bedding, food bowls, toys and treats from home. They will enjoy having these familiar comforts. Also bring pet vaccination records that may be required by RV parks. Don't forget any medications they might need.

During your trip develop a routine for your pet. Having consistency will help them adjust to new surroundings. Research pet friendly areas and dog parks to visit. Be considerate of your neighbors and keep your pet on a leash or otherwise restrained at your RV campsite.

While your away from your campsite make sure your pet will be safe inside the RV. Invest in a monitor that alerts your phone if the inside temperature of the RV gets to hot. In addition, you can have a device installed that automatically starts the generator if the power to the A/C shuts down.

Getting Better Gas Mileage in your RV

5/9/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

A huge part of planning a trip in your RV is planning for what you will spend on gas. Here are some tips to help make that gas money go farther:

Drive at a consistent speed.
Use cruise control to help you stay at a consistent speed. Also, take a slow and steady approach to accelerating. Ease up on the uphill climbs, too. Try to avoid heavy traffic on congested highways where you could be idling, and doing a lot of starting and stopping. Map out a course that takes you down scenic by ways. It would be a much prettier drive than looking at a bunch of tail lights.

Keep tires in check.
Make sure the tires are properly inflated. Regularly checking tire pressure can pay off in increased fuel efficiency.

Don't weigh down your RV.
Limit what you bring onto your RV to just the necessities. You don't have to pack unnecessary gear like kitchen gadgets, tool boxes or a closet full of clothes. Extra weight can impact how hard your RV has to work to get you down the road. That translates into more gas needed to get you there.

Don't run the dash a/c.
I know this one can be hard to do. But, when the weather is mild and you can get away with it go ahead and turn that dash a/c off. It will save your engine added stress and could save you from a decrease in miles per gallon.

Keep RV in tip top shape with routine maintenance.
Maintenance as simple as changing your air filter can mean improved gas mileage. A clean air filter can help improve your fuel economy by 10%.

Know how miles per hour affects fuel consumption.
Driving at speeds between 55 mph and 60 mph can get you the best fuel economy. For speeds over 65mph, your increased consumption of fuel can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 7%.

RV Tire Maintenance and Safety

5/2/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

It is so important to maintain the tires on your RV. Proper tire maintenance can affect the overall performance of your RV by helping to provide better handling, improve gas mileage and to ensure safe braking ability.

The first step of tire safety is knowing the weight rating of your tires in relation to the weight of your RV. The gross vehicle weight of your RV should not exceed the weight rating of your tires. In addition the load on your tires should be distributed evenly throughout the RV. The second step is taking a good look at the overall condition of the tires.

Checking the condition of the tires is a simple part of the maintenance. Inspecting the tread and tire pressure is key to keeping your tires in good shape. However, tread condition isn't the only factor to consider in determining the health of your tires. You must also consider the age of the tire. RVs usually aren't driven daily like cars. As a result they can appear to be in good condition tread wise but if they are older than five years they might need to be replaced. It is recommended to replace tires over 10 years of age.

While your RV is stored, take some measures to protect your tires. Keep tires inflated to the recommended pressure but do not exceed maximum pressure indicated for the tire. Be sure to use a gauge because sometimes the tires may look fine but could actually be low on pressure. At least once a month move the RV to prevent the tires from sitting in the same spot. Remove as much weight as possible from the RV as that will help, too. Also check tire pressure once a month. You can purchase an RV tire gauge to make it easier to check pressure in dual wheel tires.

Taking a little time to check the health of you tires and being aware of tire safety can make traveling in your RV a whole lot smoother.

RV Emergency Kit

4/9/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

When you're planning your next road trip in your RV its a good idea to pack along an emergency kit. There are some basic items that you need to have on the road when the unexpected happens. Prepare for safety while pulled over on the road especially at night. Flares, safety cones and a reflective vest keep you visible at night if you are on the side of the road. For minor breakdowns keep tools, wheel chocks, jumper cables, and a flashlight on board. If you do have to perform minor repairs a pair of rubber gloves, foam tire sealant, a tire gauge and duct tape could come in handy. Other safety items to include are a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit with a variety of bandages, antiseptic ointment and over the counter medications.

Here is a checklist:

safety cones
reflective vest
jumper cables
tools (including screw drivers, hammer, wrench)
wheel chocks
fire extinguisher
first aid kit
rubber gloves
foam tire sealant
tire gauge
duct tape

Foil Packs

3/7/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

If you're looking for a really easy, but delicious meal for cooking out; you've got to try making these foil packs. My daughter asked to make these at home one day because she enjoyed making and eating them at girl scout camp. Now it is one of my family's favorite meals whether we are grilling at home or camping out. I like them because it is a change from the usual camp out fare of hamburgers and hot dogs and it includes veggies. I also like it because each member of my family can make them just the way they like it. Turns out they are fun to make too.

Here's what you need:

heavy duty foil
chicken breast, cut up
cabbage leaves
potatoes, peeled and cut up in one inch chunks
carrots, peeled and cut up in one inch chunks
you can also try red or green bell pepper, zucchini, asparagus, or Serrano pepper if you like some heat
seasoning, you can use whatever you like (salt, pepper, season salt, lemon pepper)

Each person can assemble their own foil pack using their favorite ingredients

To assemble foil packs:

place several leaves of cabbage on top of each other like layering a nest
add vegetables and then add chicken on top of leaves
season to taste
tear a piece of foil long enough to wrap around the cabbage leaves and seal tightly
write your name in mustard directly on top of the foil

for charcoal grill prepare coals for direct heat grilling, place foil packs directly onto hot coals, cook for about 30 min or until chicken has reached internal temp of 165

for gas grill heat on high and place foil packs on grill and cook about 30 min or until chicken has reached internal temp of 165

Clean Your RV Shower

2/20/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

Here in South Texas the weather has been pleasantly warmer than usual for February. It has been spring-like and pretty mild. This kind of weather motivates me to think about spring cleaning. But I'm not talking about the spring cleaning that involves washing the windows of the house or beating all the rugs. I'm talking about spring cleaning my RV and getting it ready for the road.

The area in the RV that really requires my extra attention is the bathroom. I love when the shower is squeaky clean, but I don't like having to use harsh chemicals to keep it squeaky clean. It really needs a good scrubbing to remove the dull residue of soap scum; however, RV shower stalls are made of fiberglass or acrylic material and the manufacturers instructions for cleaning these products advise not to use abrasive cleansers or pads.

So, how do I tackle this job? Believe it or not, dryer sheets can get it done! I can recycle used ones to use as a safe scrubber and that's it. Start with getting the shower surfaces wet and then make sure the dryer sheet is wet, too. Wipe down all the surfaces with a circular motion until the surface feels smooth. Sometimes I just use a dryer sheet right out of the box and that makes the shower smell so good. Some areas might take more scrubbing, but to do the entire shower only takes a few dryer sheets. And just like that my shower is squeaky clean again.

Getting Great Sleep in Your RV

2/10/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

Hitting the road with your home on wheels is such a luxury. It's a great way to travel and saves you money that you would have spent on a hotel and restaurants. All the the comforts of home are with you as you head toward your destination. And speaking of comfort, here are some tips for getting a great night's sleep in your RV.

You don't have to compromise having a comfortable place to sleep when you're on the road. Having the right mattress for you will ensure you get the rest you need. It starts with taking a good assessment of your mattress whether it be a standard bed , sleeper sofa or bunk. The mattress is the foundation for your body to relax, rest and rejuvenate. So, if you wake up with back pain or neck pain it might be time to replace your mattress. Other reasons to replace it are if it has worn areas or odors.

When choosing a new mattress make sure you properly measure the bed frame. Depth of the mattress is another consideration as well depending on what type of RV you have. A smaller pop-up trailer for example can accommodate 5” mattress, whereas a class A or B + with more room can go for a thicker mattress. There are specialty mattresses available for RVs with sofa sleepers and bunks. Just be sure to measure correctly to get the right fit.

Mattress toppers can add more comfort and support as well. Some, like down and down alternative filled toppers can add loftiness. Others, like gel and latex combinations have a cooling feature to combat those hot spots when you sleep. For more support you can go with pillow toppers.

One splurge to indulge in would be high quality sheets. Egyptian cotton, pima, supima, cotton-polyester and bamboo are all good choices for quality. Try to buy between 200 and 800 thread count and look for percale weave or sateen weave. They will feel amazing against your skin.

Try to eliminate noise and bright light disturbances. Wearing earplugs or using an oil diffuser can help block out noise. (Putting lavender oil in the oil diffuser may also help you sleep better.) Hang light blocking curtains where you sleep to keep the area dark. Resist the urge to use your phone right before you go to bed. Your mind will be occupied and the glow from the screen can send messages to your brain to keep it from releasing melatonin, the hormone that tells you it's time to sleep.

Time to Store Your RV

1/27/2017 - by Kelly Pattie

When it's time to store your RV take the time to protect and preserve your investment. Properly preparing your home on wheels before storing it can save you time and money later. What motivates me to complete this process is knowing I'll have a clean and maintained RV ready to go for my next adventure. I don't want to come back to my RV and find problems that could have been prevented like a moldy fridge or leaks by a window or resident mice!

To get ready for storage I like to start on the inside and work my way out. It's tempting to leave all the bedding and linens in the RV but removing them will keep them fresher and will keep any bugs from finding their way between the sheets. Also remove all food stuffs from cabinets and fridge and clean all cabinet surfaces. Make sure fridge is thoroughly wiped down as well. Using vinegar is a great way to keep mildew away. Just use it full strength on a cloth and wipe all surfaces inside the fridge. Then make sure to leave that fridge door propped open. Keep cabinet doors open, too . To help keep the sun from fading carpet and upholstery be sure to draw the curtains and shut the blinds. While you're at it check those windows for seals that need attention. Also check the door frames to be sure they are sealing properly as well. MaxxAir vent covers are a great investment if you don't already have them. They are designed to let air flow inside your RV but keep rain out. Next clean a/c filters and unplug all appliances. Follow that with turning off the main breaker and turning off the LP gas supply valve.

Now onto the RV exterior. It's a good idea to wash your RV and remove any grime that may have built up. If storing long term remove the battery. If you're not removing it make sure the battery is fully charged while it is stored. The oil will need to be changed and the filter,too. Adding a fuel stabilizer and filling the tank is another necessary step. Allow the stabilizer to get through the fuel system by running the engine and generator. The holding tanks for both the black and gray water will need to be emptied. Be sure to add a few gallons of fresh water back into the black tank and a deodorizer too. Perform a thorough inspection of the underside of the RV and seal any openings where rodents can enter. Just like the interior can be exposed to sun damage, so can the exterior. Before parking the RV check the tires for proper inflation. Finally, covering your RV with a breathable cover will help protect the paint from fading and protect rubber and vinyl from deteriorating. Everyone's RV is a little different so check your owner's manual for additional storage information.

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  • Please let us know about: Tires, Body & Paint, any Leaks?
  • Was it Smoked In?
  • Pets?
  • Odors?
  • Length?
  • Any rust on under carriage?
  • Length?
  • How many slides?
  • Is there a lien on the RV?
  • If there is a lien how much is the balance?
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